Reza Davari PhD Student @ Mila and Concordia University AI enthusiast, currently focused on NLP, CV, and CL. A watermelon connoisseur. Based in Montreal, QC.

Q: How can I get an update when a new post comes out?

A: I post about my new post on this Twitter @davari_reza account. There is also a RSS feed.

Q: What tool do you use for plotting?

A: I use

Q: Can I translate your posts to another language?

A: Yes, that would be my pleasure 🤗. But please email me in advance and please keep the original post link on top (rather than in tiny font at the end).

Q: I have papers on super relevant topics but you didn't include them?

A: It is challenging to write a comprehensive literature review. There are so many papers out there and I try my best to cover the essentials. I would be grateful if you could shoot me an email with pointers to interesting but missing papers. Cheers 😊